Wednesday, November 3, 2010

This is The Mormons path to so called " Freedom " they first decided to flee to the Rocky Mountains to avoid more of there people being killed. That didnt really last that long and they left once again and went to Salt Lake City founded by Brigham Young

This was The Mormons first guide to there beliefs. Joseph Smith wrote this over in english, it was originally in another language.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The New Leader..

After Joseph Smith Jr. was killed , Brigham Young was his successor. He picked up were Joseph Smith Jr left off. Young led the migration to The Rocky Mountains in 1846-47 and founded Salt Lake City. Brigham Young became the president of the church in December 27,1847. His main goal was to keep his people safe and away from any harm or danger. He exhibits great leadership by taking control of a whole group of people and leading them in the right direction.

Founder ..

Joseph Smith was the founder of the Mormon. He started The Latter Day Saint Movement , which was a group of churches who followers saw him as a prophet. His people believed that angels had given him the Golden Plates. Later on he translated the message on the plates to english. He can called it The Book Of Mormon. Smith was banished from many churches and refused to return unless they allowed Polygamy. Even though that was his beliefs at a meeting when asked if his church was practicing it he denied it. Joseph was imprisoned later on with a charge of treason against Illinois. He sent a lettetr to his people and ordered them to ram the jail and free him but that was disobeyed. The jails men fought against the group and smith fought back but was killed on June 27, 1844.